TopAchat Tournament: Gamers2 [0:3] Team Liquid

Gamers2’s Heroes of the Storm team will face Team Liquid on Friday, at 21-30 CEST, in the semi-final stage of the €2,000 TopAchat Tournament, an online competition hosted by Millenium.

Gamer2’s Heroes of the Storm team will compete in the TopAchat Tournament, a €2,000 competition hosted by Millenium featuring some of the best teams in Europe. Following the end of the group stage, the top eight teams have advanced to the single-elimination bracket, which will feature a best-of-three format in the quarter-finals and a best-of-five format in the last-four stage and in the title decider.

This will be the perfect opportunity for our team to get back on track following some mixed results in recent tournaments. The quarter-final draw has pitted our team against Kinguin, so our players definitely have a tough task ahead of them.

Below you can find all the information about the TopAchat Tournament:

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