Trick, Perkz and Zven picked for the EU LCS All-Pro Team

Players, journalists and some of the Riot Games casters determined the EU LCS All-Pro Team and G2 Esports earned three spots!

We are very proud and grateful that our mid laner Perkz, jungler Trick and AD carry Zven were elected to be a part of the Most Valuable Team of the split. Mithy was second among all European supports and Expect was third in his position. Our whole team has been putting in a crazy amount of work and heart into this Split. Such an acknowledgment is important for us as players and organization as it confirms how strong and high-valued our team is. Each and every one on the G2 Esports League of Legends roster has been constantly improving. We learned to be more patient, more consistent, we gained experience at IEM Katowice and ended the Regular Split first once again. Thank you for your support and trust in G2!

We invite you to recall the 10 weeks of the regular split by having a look at our beautiful EU LCS Spring Regular Split infographic.

The 2017 EU LCS Spring All-Pro Team:

Top: Vizicsacsi
Jungle: Trick
Mid: Perkz
ADC: Zven
Support: IgNar

You can check out second and third place All-Pro Teams here and who voted for who here.

Cheer for us during the EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs Semifinals on April 15th! #G2Army

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