Update on League of Legends team staff

G2 Esports is delighted to announce an update to its League of Legends team’s backroom staff, with Alexey “Sharkz” Taranda, formerly of Vega Squadron, joining as Assistant Coach, while Christopher “Duffman” Duff will remain as Head Analyst.

We are delighted to reveal the first details about the improved infrastructure surrounding our League of Legends team going into the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split.

As we announced after the World Championship, G2’s management and the team agreed that it would be beneficial to the squad if the backroom staff was improved for the players to be better equipped to face the challenges ahead and to build on the regional success achieved throughout 2016.

Joining the team as Assistant Coach is Alexey “Sharkz” Taranda, who hails from Belarus. Alexey spent nearly a year working as Head Coach for Vega Squadron, one of the strongest teams in the LCL region, with an appearance at IEM Gyeonggi, last month. He will be moving into G2 Esports’ gaming house, in Berlin, where he will work closely with Head Coach Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool and the rest of the G2 staff in all matters concerning the team.

Alexey “Sharkz” Taranda joins G2 after working for Vega Squadron as head coach

Alexey gave the following statement about joining G2 Esports: “I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of G2! I want to thank my former team Vega Squadron for letting me follow my dream, and also all the players there! I wish them the best. I would also like to thank my parents for always being supportive of me. Today is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, and I can promise that 2017 will be insane for all the G2 LoL fans. I will do my best every day and bring nothing but positive energy to the gaming house!”

We are also happy to confirm that Christopher “Duffman” Duff will remain part of the staff as Head Analyst. Everyone on the team is extremely happy with Christopher’s work over the last year, and we strongly believe that he will continue to play an integral role when it comes to data analysis and opposition scouting.

Christopher had this to say about remaining with G2 heading into the new tournament season: “I loved working with everyone involved in this organisation during a successful year. I am really excited to continue working alongside Joey, and I look forward to working with Alex in 2017. I spent three weeks with the players before the EU LCS Summer playoffs and I saw first hand the talent they have and the effort they put into the team. I cannot wait to see what we can achieve this season.”

Christopher “Duffman” Duff with the team in the EU LCS Summer playoffs

Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool also commented on Alexey’s arrival and Christopher’s renewal, saying: “I am very excited to go into 2017 with a tremendous upgrade in staff, first with the addition of Alex, who left a great impression during the application process. He showcased experience and vast life-coaching and game knowledge, which makes him a great addition who is capable of assisting in all aspects of coaching. We also re-signed Christopher, who delivered a tremendous amount of work last year as my right hand. In 2016 we spent a lot of time fine-tuning each other when it came to providing and interpreting statistics, combined with providing scouting reports, and now I could not ask for a better Head Analyst.”

But there is more: in the coming days, we will unveil the final member of the team’s staff, and we can guarantee that the announcement will make waves in the scene. So keep checking our website and social media channels for all the latest developments about our League of Legends team.

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