Vainglory EU Summer Finals infographic

We have gathered some stats and facts from the Vainglory EU Summer Championship, which saw SNOW Avalanche win the title after coming out of the Challenger ranks.

Earlier this month, the city of Cologne hosted the European Summer Championships, where the top eight teams in the continent duked it out for their share of a $35,000 prize pool. There was no shortage of surprises during this exciting tournament, with SNOW Avalanche, coming straight out of the Challenger ranks, claiming the title after dethroning Team Secret in an exciting series that went to all five maps.

We have gathered some stats and facts from the tournament, so in case you are wondering which players shone the most or which heroes were the most contested, then we have got you covered! Simply scroll through the infographic below and revisit the Vainglory EU Summer Championship.



Photos courtesy of Twitch and Super Evil Megacorp

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