Vainglory patch 1.20 hero tier list

Want to give Vainglory a try or struggling to keep up with the meta? We have got you covered in this tier list compiled by our players Timo “D1ngo” Tekolf, David “DarkPotato” Süßlin and Tim “Reddix” Schäfer. Check it out!

We sat down with our Vainglory team and put together a tier list for the game, something we had not done since the departure of our former Heroes of the Storm team. The recent 1.20 patch has brought many balance changes to the heroes, so we thought that creating a one-stop tier list would be helpful to all the players out there.

If you are new to the game or if you are simply struggling to come to terms with the current meta, then this is for you! Scroll through the infographic below and find out which heroes you should prioritize. And keep checking our website, because we will release updated versions of this tier list as new patches are released.


vainglorytierlist2 (1)

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