Ready for Chicken Dinner! Welcome G2 PUBG squad!

Foggy weather or not, we are ready to dive in the action with our freshly picked up PUBG team. We are glad to welcome phantasy, stephen, velan and wack0 to their new home!

G2 Esports is known for being at the forefront of recognizing uprising esports titles. By securing a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) team G2 Esports is not only staying ahead of the curve but also becoming one of the very few multigaming organizations in the world to have world class teams in the most relevant titles.

Whether you’re the one blocking damage with your pan or the one dealing it, we have a real G2-fan-care-package prepared. Inside it you will find the best shooters, most creative survivors and dedicated team players. Meet our PUBG squad – former, Call of Duty PC pros: phantasy, stephen and two former Overwatch players velan and wack0. Every player was hand-picked by G2 Esports recruiting team and we are confident that together these four experienced FPS players will excel competitively and embody G2’s winning mentality in yet another title.

Here is what G2 Esports’ CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez had to say about this exciting news: “PUBG is one of the games the G2 staff like to play in their free time – quite non existent these days, to be fair. Jakub, our Brand Manager, did a fantastic job at identifying and building relationships with these talented and hungry individuals that will bring a ton of yummy chicken dinners on G2 Esports table. phantasy, stephen, velan and wack0 have proven to be fantastic competitors in the past, and we are truly inspired to help them reach the highest heights. Welcome to G2, fellow samurai.”

G2 Esports Brand Manager Jakub ‘Lothar’ Szygulski says that PUBG team and content surrounding it is something that he’s been looking forward to for a while:
“PUBG is a game that rekindled the fun in modern shooters. Alongside fun comes the competitive aspect and G2 knew from the beginning that this game will take off. With that in mind we started looking for a team very early on but it took us a while to find the best possible fit for G2 – hard working, skillful and hungry for success. I personally can’t wait to see our team perform in all the future tournaments but also create content for the organization and participate in G2 events.”

G2 Esports PUBG captain phantasy shared the lineup’s joy and expressed great ambition:
“PUBG has grown excessively over recent months and although the competitive aspects of the game are still developing we are thrilled to be representing G2 moving forward. Our team consists of highly skilled players who are passionate and motivated to succeed and with support from an organisation that shares the same values such as G2 we are very much looking forward to the future.”

About G2 Esports PUBG players

Our PUBG team captain is 26-year-old Mark ‘phantasy’ Pinney from United Kingdom. His name is definitely known for those who love FPS, he has made his name playing Call of Duty 4: Promod, CS:GO and Overwatch before moving to PUBG. He’s also an avid and outspoken streamer and Youtuber! Check out his Facebook, Twitter and Twitch channel.

24-year-old Stephen ‘stephen’ Phillips has spent many years around the scene playing alongside professional players albeit never opted to join teams due to his studies. Since PUBG’s release, stephen has played his heart out and is incredibly dedicated towards building the best team in PUBG. Check out his Facebook, Twitter and Twitch channel.

The third member of the team is 27 year old David ‘velan’ Velan from Sweden, a competitive FPS player with 15 years of Counter-Strike experience and most recently a professional Overwatch player representing teams such as Method, Nerdrage and PENTA before moving to PUBG. Check out his Twitter and Twitch channel.

The fourth man in our squad is another Englishman, Jack ‘wack0’ Middleton. 22-year-old wack0 has previously been playing Overwatch for such teams as Redskin, Epiphany Bolt and Reason Gaming. He started gaming with CS:GO and joined the ranks of competitive Overwatch players before switching to PUBG. Check out his Facebook, Twitter and Twitch channel.

We are confident that together these four players will reach the very top of competitive PUBG and bring home endless chicken dinners under the G2 banner.

About PUBG

Hundred people stranded on an island and fighting, who will be the last man standing?

If you haven’t played yourself yet, PUBG is a multiplayer online battle royale video game developed and published by Bluehole. Its creator used 2000’s film Battle Royale for inspiration, so get ready to parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons and equipment to eliminate the opponents while avoid getting killed yourself.

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