Weldon joins G2 as Assistant Coach

G2 Esports is delighted to confirm that renowned sports psychology trainer and performance consultant Weldon Green has joined its League of Legends team’s backroom staff as an Assistant Coach for the 2017 event season.

We are delighted to announce the final addition to our League of Legends coaching staff in the form of renowned sports psychology trainer and performance consultant Weldon Green, who will be working with G2 exclusively throughout the season as an Assistant Coach. Since 2014, many top teams in Europe and North America, including CLG, Fnatic and TSM, have turned to Weldon’s consultancy services, making him one of the most sought-after coaches in esports.

The complexity of modern League of Legends makes mental focus and resilience in the face of adversity important attributes for professional players. Moreover, swift strategic decision-making and motivation require a high-performance environment. We are always looking for new ways to progress and to continue competing at the top, so we approached Weldon as we believe that he can help to tackle some of the issues that the team faced in 2016.

Weldon will be working alongside Head Coach Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool, Assistant Coach Alexey “Sharkz” Taranda and Head Analyst Christopher “Duffman” Duff throughout the season, helping to form a high-performance coaching staff and team so that players can optimize their growth.

Weldon gave the following statement about joining the club:

“G2 has counted on me as a fan since the days of oceloteWorld, through Gamers2, and to the present. Now I am proud to join Carlos’ mission as a G2 Assistant Coach to the League of Legends team. G2’s roster going into 2017 is a testament to the team and company culture. Very few organisations can boast the credibility, success, and infrastructure to attract, and keep, world class players through the off-season. My main focus this split is building and maintaining a high-performance environment. For the coaching staff, that means constant testing and development. For the players, that means pushing the bleeding edge of their craft while not burning out.”

G2 Esports’ founder and CEO, Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, also commented on Weldon’s appointment as Assistant Coach, saying:

“Weldon’s proven experience and know-how propelled every team he has worked with towards remarkable levels of success, which, naturally, got him plenty of offers from other top North American and European clubs around the off-season period. Weldon will move to our Gaming House in Berlin in order to better fulfil his duties. His skillset will help our club progress towards our ambitious competitive goals. On a personal level, I am honoured to work with an individual with such strong planning, hunger and will to win.”

Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool, the team’s Head Coach, said:

“I am very excited to be working with Weldon this year. With his strengths in performance coaching and his experience working with several top LCS teams, he will be a great addition to our coaching staff.”

For more information about Weldon’s work and track record, check out his website and Youtube channel, where he regularly posts video content about League of Legends and esports in general. 

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