Westballz reflects on Clutch City Clash

We caught up with Weston “Westballz” Dennis, who was in Texas last weekend for Clutch City Clash, and picked his brain on his fourth-place finish in the tournament and his plans for the future.

Last weekend, our Super Smash Bros. Melee player, Weston “Westballz” Dennis, was in attendance at the Clutch City Clash, a national tournament hosted by Smash United in The Woodlands, Texas, featuring a total of 32 players.  

Fresh off a top-eight finish at Evo – his best-ever run in this competition -, Weston acquitted himself really well once again, this time finishing fourth. He did run into some trouble, though, having been sent to the Lower Bracket early on, but he redeemed himself and finished the tournament on a high note, even besting Johnny “S2J” Kim after losing to the Tempo Storm player at Evo.

“It was a rough weekend in terms of preparation, but I will not complain about it other than that,” Weston said. “As far as my performance goes – it was good to get back on track with my heavy win rate against Falcon mains and to stay pretty dominant against Lucky.

“I had to play against a lot of good SoCal players in S2j, Lucky, and Mang0, so it was very familiar competition. I struggled in my match against The Moon, but I feel like I have made a lot of progress in that match up.

“I’m hoping to meet Mew2King in bracket at Super Smash Con or Shine this month. We have not faced each other in well over a year. and I think it would be a hype match to watch.

“But I am already looking ahead, Super Smash Con and Shine 2016 are very big and important tournaments for the month of August. I know a good performance is on the way, I just have to put all the little details together.”

Below you can find a graphic with the final standings from Clutch City Clash and Weston’s run:


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