Westballz: “I will not stop until I get first”

We caught up with our Super Smash Bros. Melee player, Weston “Westballz” Dennis, and picked his brain on his preparation for GENESIS 4, his thoughts on the 8th place in SSBMRank 2016, and more.

Our Super Smash Bros. Melee player, Weston “Westballz” Dennis, is currently in San Jose, California, to compete at GENESIS 4, the first big tournament of the year, featuring over 1,700 players. In 2016, Weston went out 17th in this competition, and while he refuses to set a limit on what he can achieve this time around, he admits that a top-eight finish is the very least he should achieve.

“I do not like to put expectations on myself because of added pressure, but I would expect myself to get nothing less than Top 8, and even then that would not be the goal,” he said. “My goal has always been to get first, and I will not stop until I get there. My preparation going into GENESIS has been fantastic. I attended five tournaments in the last two weeks and housed a friend of mine who is a top 50 player. I have always studied opponents I struggle with, which is something I have been very focused on. Finding habits and figuring out ways to counter them have been key for my recent success.”

Sometimes, Weston has seemingly struggled to stick to a plan, changing his strategy halfway through a tournament. But he now seems to be much more sure of himself, saying: “The decision behind my character switch has to do with certain stages and characters. Recently, I have figured out a game plan with all the recent testing I have done with my secondaries. That said, there won’t be any more second-guessing on how to counter my opponents.”

The Smash community is eagerly anticipating the tournament, which takes place just days after SSBMRank 2016 was released. Weston, who repeated his eighth place from 2015, has no doubt that he has the ability to take down some of the players who finished above him, even though he reckons that consistency has long been an issue for him.

“I am satisfied with my rank because it does not reflect too much on my potential but my consistency, which is something I have always struggled with due to my playstyle,” he noted. “That said, I feel like my potential is even higher than ever, and a number next to my name won’t stop me from beating the best.”

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