G2 Esports in Worlds Group C with Samsung and RNG

This year G2 Esports will have a tough mission at the 2017 World Championship facing Samsung Galaxy and Royal Never Give Up as their opponents in Group C.

On September 12th, just two weeks before the 2017 World Championship Play-In Stage is about to begin, we’ve finally got to know who’ll be facing who in the Play-In and Group Stages. It turned out that G2 Esports will face Samsung Galaxy and Royal Never Give Up in Group C. The fourth team will be determined after the Play-In stage, however, due to the rules it surely will not be World Elite or Fnatic.

Here is what G2 Esports Head Coach Joey ‘YoungBuck’ Steltenpool had to say about Group C: “I’m quite excited about having Samsung and Royal Never Give Up in our group. These are both teams we respect a lot. They will offer us a solid challenge and put a lot of healthy pressure on us to practice and prepare perfectly.”

During the 2017 Worlds Draw Show post-discussion the analysts were heavily in favour of Samsung and RNG making it out of Groups with only our faithful EU pioneer Deficio vouching for G2 Esports. He admitted being still nervous for G2 in best-of-ones. “Samsung is a better version of G2, they are a level above. G2 doesn’t have much time to adapt and prepare during best-of-ones <...>. I believe in G2’s experience, they have weeks to prepare and study RNG, I think it’s fairly realistic that RNG and G2 will get 1-1, giving the edge to G2 preparation. Samsung takes first, G2 second,” – he said.

Even though Group C was named The Group of Death by analysts, we are confident in our team and can’t wait to see them fighting their way through starting October 5th!

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