YoungBuck explains the clash vs. Fnatic in Week 10

G2 Esports League of Legends Head Coach Joey ‘YoungBuck’ Steltenpool shares his thoughts about nerve-wracking series against Fnatic.

“The greatest teams win even on their bad days,” – that’s the first thing our League of Legends Head Coach Joey ‘YoungBuck’ Steltenpool says about the extremely intense series against Fnatic in the Week 10 of the EU LCS Spring Split.

It was the series, after which G2 Esports fans definitely needed a deep breath and a glass of water. After the match, our players admitted, that Fnatic showed massive improvement and pushed G2 really hard. At the same time, it was a challenge that our team has been waiting for. Only through finding and fixing our flaws we can get stronger.

Here is what our League of Legends Head Coach Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool had to say about the nerve-wracking series against Fnatic and the upcoming match against Team ROCCAT:

“We went into the first game prepared and focused on maintaining the perfect record. Our initial plan was to exchange strong champions in all roles and attempt to outplay Fnatic on macro level with drafts being equally strong.

During the first game we made several unforced errors early. Fnatic immediately capitalised on those mistake showing their prowess playing Shen and their ability to punish us. Our shaky early game transitioned into the good map control by Fnatic. They coasted towards the finish line with a few small bumps on the road but none of our efforts were significant enough to put them to a halt.

Due to our disappointment in ourselves yesterday we will be 100% focused on ending the regular split on a high note.

In the second game we adapted by rearranging our target bans. The Shen ban was pivotal as it helped us to discard Fnatic’s preferred playstyle. We ended up having three winning lanes with a Rengar, allowing the team to pressure the lanes and slowly take towers. Fnatic did not have the tools to suppress us and succumbed to the pressure which led to us gaining massive vision control and uncontested towers. With the gold lead we had, it was not difficult to smoothly close out this game.

During the decisive game we were playing a draft that we aren’t used to playing. We barely ever get Malzahar as it is almost permanently banned by the blue side team. We also were not used to facing such champions as Camille and Fiddlesticks. Fnatic opted to pick a strong early game composition. It had proven to be the way to go based on the first two games but we were determined to not make the same mistakes as in Game 1.

Despite falling back to our bad habits of making unforced errors we were better equipped to deal with their team. The Shen ban took away from Fnatic the simple ways of making strong proactive plays, allowing us the time needed to be in a position where we could start fighting.

Tomorrow we will face off against Roccat, due to our disappointment in ourselves yesterday we will be 100% focused on ending the regular split on a high note. It is also a clash of us, the team for an undefeated split, against the surging ROCCAT squad, who won their last 5 series. Their success is a strong motivating factor for us not to underestimate our opponents.”

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