ZiphoN joins G2 PUBG Squad as the In-Game Leader

We are delighted to finally break the news – ZiphoN, former player of Team Dignitas, has joined G2 Esports as our new PUBG in-game leader.

22-year-old Asger ‘ZiphoN’ Høffner from Denmark is quite well-known in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) community. We are sure that this addition will strengthen our PUBG squad and will give them a massive motivational boost for upcoming leagues and tournaments.

Here’s what ZiphoN had to say about joining G2:

“I‘ve been playing FPS for 15 years, with an amateur competitive background in CS. I entered the competitive PUBG scene in season 1, which eventually lead to me joining Team Dignitas for nearly 7 months. Once I became a free agent I got in contact with the G2 team and started my trial for them. I was an in-game leader for Dignitas. Entering a new team in this role can be frightening, however, we all share the same mindset, so I got up to speed quickly. I am excited to be playing for G2, I love everything about the organisation, and I’m looking forward to scoring great results for the #G2ARMY.”

Make sure you follow ZiphoN on Twitter, Facebook and watch him streaming on Twitch!

ZiphoN has already had some time and a bunch of online games to get comfortable with the team. His teammate Jack ‘wack0’ Middleton is sure that Asger will help G2 qualify for some LANs in the near future:

We needed a solid shotcaller and a fragger who can hold his own and think for himself. I’m so happy to have ZiphoN officially joining us. After trying multiple people over a few months I’m glad we settled on this Danish legend. We’ve had some pretty solid results recently with him even without much practice. I’m extremely hyped for the future of our team.”

ZiphoN on G2’s roster will be replacing former team captain Mark ‘phantasy’ Pinney, who by mutual consent will remain in G2 as a variety streamer. phantasy has given his insight on the situation:

“Soon after PUBG’s release I put together the G2 PUBG Squad by finding some of the most skilled and motivated players with the goal that we would become one of the best teams in the game. Over the last 6 months we had many great but also disappointing moments and sadly never quite managed to reach the goals we set out to accomplish. A large part of this was due to the lack of time and commitment I could personally put into practice compared to the other players due to simultaneously having a full time job. My time became spread too thin between multiple areas and this caused me to slowly lose motivation, seconded with the extensive amount of problems PUBG as a game faced at the time it was clear my future with PUBG should come to a close.

Fortunately the team has found a well-suited replacement and I wish ZiphoN and the team the best of luck in the future as they will undoubtedly achieve big things. G2 has been very kind and always believed in me from the beginning  therefore I’m happy that from this point forward I will be taking a streamer role within G2 Esports and look forward to whatever the future brings.

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