Zven: “No fear of H2k’s bot lane”

Ahead of tonight’s clash against H2k Gaming, we caught up with our AD Carry, Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen, and picked his brain on the match ahead, the changes to the team’s top lane and more.

As we head into the third week of play in EU LCS, the talk of the town is the mouth-watering clash between G2.Kinguin and H2k Gaming, the top two teams in the league. After a disappointing first week, H2k looked like a reinvigorated side against fnatic as they picked up a convincing win, with the first game ending after just 26 minutes.

With a KDA of 20 on his signature Draven, Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek was the man of the match against fnatic. But despite the impressive level of form shown by his Czech counterpart, Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen is confident that he and Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez can win the bottom lane battle ahead.

“I do not fear the Vander/Freeze bot lane, I am more than confident in mithy and myself,” said the Danish AD Carry. “Regardless of the outcome, it will be a great series. H2k improved their play in week 2, so it would be good for us to get three points to keep our place at the top of the table.”



Before the week began, it was revealed that Ki “Expect” Dae-han was replacing Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek in the top lane moving forward. Since then, the focus has been on getting the Korean up to speed with the methods and tactics of the team to minimise the potential for synergy and communication issues.

“We have been focused on helping Expect, who has been playing every scrim since Kikis’ departure,” Zven explained. “I feel totally fine playing with him, and I have no doubt that he will do well. He is trying very hard and he is very nice to work with, so I am sure we will be in good shape for the playoffs. It will be nice for him to get more stage experience.”

Going over the differences between the two top laners, Zven starts by saying that they prioritize different types of champions. Expect very much prefers carries over tanks, but Kikis also liked Fizz and Irelia, so it is not like their styles are very different. The main difference is their level of communication, which stems from a language barrier, even though Expect is picking up on English very quickly,” he says.

As the season wears on, G2’s team will have a better grasp on the new meta and a more intuitive understanding of how the players should approach the game. But Zven seems to be already clicking into form as he went from an overall KDA of 5 in the first week to a KDA of 8.3 in week 2, when the team lost one game.

“I think all the games in week 1 were kinda messy or weird from all sides,” he stated. “In week 2, I think we played better, especially us in the bot lane. But the improvement on my stats had nothing to do with being more comfortable going into team fights or not because I have a lot of trust in my teammates and in myself.”

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