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ESL Trinity Series

Jan 18, 2017 7:00 pm
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G2 Esports
6 - O
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2017 EU LCS Spring (Bo3)

Jan 19, 2017 8:00 pm
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G2 Esports
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2017 EU LCS Spring (Bo3)

Jan 21, 2017 4:00 pm
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G2 Esports
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Jan 22, 2017 5:15 pm
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G2 Esports
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Here is our recollection of the best moments of our teams and players over the course of 2016, which was a memorable year for us! Check it out!

Video: G2’s best moments of 2016

Here is our recollection of the best moments of our teams and players over the course of 2016, which was a memorable year for us! Check it out!

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Ki “Expect” Dae-han is the new starting top laner on our team. Formerly of Midas FIO, he has developed into one of the most promising young talents in South Korea in…


Hailing from South Korea, Kang-yun “Trick” Kim is the new Jungler of G2. He burst onto the professional scene in December 2014, when he joined CJ Entus as a substitute player. During…


Luka “PerkZ” Perković joined G2 after impressing during his time with French team Millenium. He is one of the rising talents in Europe and caught the eye of several LCS sides during the…


Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen is the new AD Carry on the team. After bursting onto the scene in smaller teams like Tricked eSports, Intellectual Playground and SK Gaming Prime, he joined Origen, whom…


Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez has established himself as one of the finest Support players in the West in recent years. He rose to fame in 2013, when his Lemondogs team…


Joey “YoungBuck” Steltenpool is the Head Coach of our League of Legends team. With multiple LCS seasons behind him, he brings with him a tremendous amount of experience, and he will be…


Alexey “Sharkz” Taranda is one of the Assistant Coaches that have joined G2 Esports ahead of the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split. After working for Vega Squadron, one of the strongest…


Weldon Green was the last person to join G2 Esports’ coaching staff at the start of the 2017 season. A renowned sports psychology trainer and performance consultant, Weldon Green has…


Cédric “RpK” Guipouy was part of the legendary VeryGames team who dominated the CS:Source scene. After almost two years inactive, RpK, known in the scene as “The Tank”, returned to…


Richard “shox” Papillon has been at the top of the pile since the early days of CS:GO, and his presence in HLTV.org’s Top 20 year rankings in the last three…


Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeaux is the primary AWPer on the team, but he feels equally at home with an AK or an M4 in his hands. With a decade’s experience of playing at…


Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom returns to G2.Kinguin for a second spell at the club after enjoying a stint on our previous team. His incredible aim is often translated into insane headshot percentages during…


Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro is the newest player on our Counter-Strike team. He was an integral part of the Platinium eSports team that stunned Ninjas in Pyjamas at ESWC 2014 before…


Jérôme “NiaK” Sudries has been the manager of the team since their VeryGames times, many years ago. He is a renowned figure in the French esports scene, which, for someone who…


Cameron “Kronovi” Bills is one of the most popular players in Rocket League, and rightly so. He quickly rose through the ranks in the game after carrying over his experience from…

0ver Zer0

Ted “0ver Zer0” Keil started off as a very aggressive player, mostly focused on receiving passes and redirecting the ball, but over time he has become a well-rounded player. Working…


Timo “D1ngo” Tekolf has been playing Vainglory since it was released for iOS, back in November. After playing Dota 2 for a brief period, he is now looking to make a…


David “DarkPotato” Süßlin is a very experienced Jungle Carry who has been playing Vainglory since its early stages. Despite the fact that he plays the game on his iPhone, rather…


After taking the first steps in Vainglory as a Support player, Tim “Reddix” Schäfer felt that manning the lane suited him better. He has since become one of the best Lane Carries…


Misa “Face” Kojic is the manager of our Vainglory team and also a substitute player. He has an impressive background in the MOBA scene that goes back to when Dota…


Weston “Westballz” Dennis is the first member of our newly-created Super Smash Bros. Melee section.  He is a very technical and aggressive player, who prioritizes a high-tempo game with a lot of intensity…


When talking about legends in the Hearthstone competitive scene, no discussion can ever take place without mentioning Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy. A former poker player with over $130,000 in live earnings, Koy, who…


Jakub “Lothar” Szygulski is a veteran of the Hearthstone scene and one of its most popular figures. After leaving Planetkey Dynamics, he was offered the position of captain in Nihilum to…


Dima “Rdu” Radu started playing Hearthstone just for fun, but when he reached the semi-finals of DreamHack Bucharest he realised that he could follow the road of a professional player.…


Thijs “Thijs” Molendijk joined G2 as the No 1 player in the world, and he has been able to live up to that billing. He had an extraordinary online run…


Rosendo “Sendo” Fuentes is not your everyday top laner. A fan of out-of-the-box champion picks for his position like Ekko and Karma, he was a key part of the Baskonia…


David “Skain” Carbó is the new Support of our Spanish League of Legends team. He started last season as a substitute in Pain Gaming but quickly made his way into…

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Team G2 Esports. @G2Esports

About Us.

Get to know G2 Esports.

Gamers 2 Media S.L. Calle Camilo José Cela 8, Portal 4, 1º-3, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain 28232 info@g2esports.com

G2 Esports is a World Premier Esports Club founded in November, 2013 by Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, a former star player in League of Legends. Carlos is the Chief Executive Officer of the club, which currently includes professional teams in League of Legends, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Vainglory.

Our club was built with the desire to bring new innovation into Esports team management and business whilst upholding our core values of professionalism. We create the best atmosphere for the players which stems from the extensive experience of the Founder and core staff, who all know the players and teams desires from playing and competing themselves. The staff consists of multiple nationalities and covers several years of combined experience in this young and growing Esports industry. This allows us to challenge the status quo and be truly innovative. Our ultimate goal is to help pushing Esports to the next level with our club already being leader for its team achievements coupled with high quality content output.

Our reach exceeds millions of views every month on multiple online platforms and continues to rise with the teams and players success. The talent development, care and support from the club has led the teams and players to every major tournament and league so far. Our European League of Legends team went from playing in the Challenger Series to winning the European League Championship Series in just one split, as the first team in League of Legends history. Besides our teams excelling in the competitive scene, our academy League of Legends team in Spain - G2.Vodafone - has their own reality tv show on MTV called “Gamers”, which brings celebrities to their gaming house in Madrid to participate in various fun and challenging activities.

G2 Esports has worked collaboratively with top tier endemic and non-endemic brands; Vodafone, Full Tilt, Sennheiser, paysafecard, Kinguin, Orcbite, G2A, NEEDforSEAT, Kingston, Alienware & Dell, and has produced a dynamic merchandise portfolio ranging from clothing to gaming accessories.

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